Breast Augmentation

Breast lift

Breast augmentation is a medical technique used to give women's breasts more volume and a different shape. It's a kind of plastic surgery, and out of all the others, it's the most frequently done kind. Furthermore, compared to other forms of plastic surgery, the success rate for breast augmentation procedures is higher.

What is an augmentation of the breast?

Breast augmentation, commonly called a "boob job" or "breast aug" by patients, is a procedure in which your breast size is increased via fat transfer or breast implants. Additionally, this operation can correct natural breast size asymmetry, generate a more rounded breast shape, and restore breast volume lost following weight loss or pregnancy. Another name for breast augmentation is augmentation mammoplasty. The process is called fat transfer breast augmentation when the increased breast volume is created using fat from another area of the patient's body.

The goal of this extremely popular kind of plastic surgery is to enlarge the naturally tiny breasts. For reconstructive reasons, breast augmentation is also an option. It can be useful in the following scenarios:
birth defects pertaining to the breast
regaining form during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss
rebuilding following breast cancer
There is no risk associated with the procedure, and many women decide to use it as a solution to the problems mentioned above. Furthermore, there is no age that is appropriate for a breast augmentation procedure. Every year, women of different ages come to our breast augmentation facility and undergo this procedure.

What breast augmentation surgery can do?

What is the potential of breast augmentation surgery?

  • Boost your breasts' projection and fullness.
  • Ensure that the hip and breast shapes are balanced.
  • Boost your confidence and sense of self.

Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy or injuries can also be accomplished with breast implants.

How Much Does A Breast Lift Cost?

How Much Does A Breast Lift Cost?

The cause for the procedure and its complexity have an impact on the cost. The following are some examples of factors that can affect your overall cost: the surgeon's charge; pharmaceutical prescriptions; post-operative clothing; diagnostic tests; costs associated with the surgical facility; and anesthetic fees. Depending on a number of variables, breast augmentation costs will vary from patient to patient and physician to surgeon. This covers the surgeon's experience, the kind of procedure performed, and the office's location. The experience of the surgeon and your comfort level with him are equally important as the overall cost of the breast augmentation procedure.

Included in the expense of the medical travel is:

 1. Transport service: During your medical vacation, a car and a driver will accompany you for all transfers between the airport, hotel, and hospital.
 2. The translation service: consists of a translator who will go with you when translating from English, Russian, Arabic, or Spanish into French.
 3. It covers every analysis, check-up, and blood test performed before to the procedure to guarantee your health and readiness for the procedure.
 4. Incorporates the process's actual cost.
 Five hospital nights = hospitalization.
 6. It comprises all the drugs and therapies required for the post-operative recovery phase.

7. It comprises the post-operative medical supplies required. include the silicone nose device (if the patient has had rhinoplasty) and the corset (if the patient has had BBL and liposuction).
 8- It covers all follow-up appointments and examinations with the physician to track your health status following the procedure.
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