Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation

The process known as "buttock" or "gluteal augmentation" is used to enhance the buttocks' volume, form, and contour. Buttock augmentation can be accomplished with silicone implants (also known as gluteal implants), fat grafting (often referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL), or occasionally a combination of these two methods.
A surgical treatment called "buttock augmentation" is done to give the buttocks more volume and contour. This can be accomplished via buttock implants (gluteal implants) or fat transfer (BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift). The technique known as fat transfer, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL, is becoming more and more popular. It involves using the patient's own fat to give the buttocks a more natural-looking volume. Artificial devices called "butt implants" are placed in the buttock region to significantly increase volume. Buttock implants are surgically inserted deep within the buttock's tissues. They are silicone-filled devices. The process of buttock augmentation with fat grafting entails moving fat from one part of the body into the buttock tissues. There are occasions when this method is called a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The benefits of buttock enlargement surgery


  • Boost the projection, roundness, and fullness of your butt or buttocks.
  • Boost your figure's equilibrium.
  • Boost your confidence and sense of self

Apart from buttock augmentation techniques, surgical excision of soft tissue can also be used to achieve a buttock lift.

BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift

A common cosmetic treatment called a Brazilian Butt Lift transfers fat to your posterior to help make it appear fuller.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is said to produce greater roundness in your rear end and more natural-looking outcomes than other buttock surgeries, like the implantation of silicone buttock implants.

Additionally, it can aid in the treatment of specific problems like the shapelessness and drooping that occasionally come with aging.

If you find it uncomfortable to wear clothes because of figure imbalances, you might also think about having the surgery done.

How much does Buttocks Augmentation cost in Turkey?

How much does Buttocks Augmentation cost in Turkey?

The cause for the procedure and its complexity have an impact on the cost. Among the variables affecting cost are: Therefore, the overall cost of your care could include things like the surgeon's charge, medicine prescriptions, post-surgery clothing, lab work, surgical facility costs, and anesthetic fees. Depending on a number of variables, buttock augmentation costs will vary from patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon. This covers the surgeon's experience, the kind of procedure performed, and the office's location. The experience of the surgeon and your comfort level with him are equally important as the total cost of the buttock augmentation procedure.

The cost of the medical trip includes:

 1- Transport service: A car and a driver will be with you throughout the medical trip, all transfers between the airport, hotel, hospital.

 2- The translation service: includes a translator who will accompany you to translate into the French language (English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish).

 3- It includes all the analyses, examinations and blood tests before the operation to ensure your state of health and your preparation for the operation.

 4- Includes the cost of the process itself.

 5- Nights at the hospital - Hospitalization.

 6- It includes all the necessary medications and treatments for the recovery period after the operation.

 7- It includes the medical supplies needed after the operation. Including corset (if patient has undergone liposuction and BBL) The silicone device for the nose (if the patient has undergone rhinoplasty).

 8- It includes all visits and checks with the doctor after the operation to monitor the state of your health.

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