DHI PRO Hair Transplant

The DHI PRO Hair Transplant

The DHI PRO Hair Transplant is the new improved version of the DHI-CHOI technique

We prepare the groundwork for the traditional DHI process with the use of low-level laser and PRP therapy; this combination is essential to paving the way for improved outcomes.

Initially, the physician will assess the donor site to ascertain the appropriate amount of grafts to be extracted and whether or not those grafts will be enough to cover the entire bald area.
After everything is in order and the pre-procedural testing are completed, the patient receives PRP scalp injections and LLLT phototherapy, which prepares the body for the following procedure.

The traditional DHI then occurs

Local anesthetic is injected prior to the graft extraction surgery in order to minimize pain.

The traditional DHI then occurs, employing the CHOI pens to painstakingly implant the grafts one by one into the assigned location. The grafts are carefully extracted using the micro-motor and safely kept in Hypothermosol solution, maintaining the grafts cells as healthy and alive as they should be.