Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

"Hollywood Smile": Having flawless, bright white teeth has nothing to do with vanity. Numerous studies have demonstrated that having good-looking teeth enhances one's appearance. Nobody would argue that having nice-looking teeth makes them less successful in any social situation. On the opposite. Why? Because well-maintained teeth demonstrate that their owner puts in the time and effort necessary to keep them in excellent condition. People are drawn to people with good teeth, as they are a general indicator of health.

What Is A Hollywood Smile Makeover ?

From a young age, we get to know sugary food while being very relaxed with our brushing habits. Once older, we develop some grown-up habits, such as drinking and smoking. And those habits lead to some teeth-related problems.
Sugar feeds mouth bacteria, enabling it to spill acids that dissolve tooth enamel — acidic compounds inside alcohol stains the teeth of regular users with bad oral hygiene. And smoking makes gums, which are where your teeth rest, become diseased, which can lead to tooth loss. It is not until we are older that we start to see the importance of having a nice-looking set of teeth. By that time, we’ve already seen results from bad habits and dislike them quite a bit. We start the battle for the health of our teeth at a disadvantage, but modern procedures are here to help us on it.

What Is A Hollywood Smile Makeover ?

A "Hollywood Smile" Makeover entails cosmetic operations to give your teeth the ideal size, color, and form so they fit your mouth flawlessly. Porcelain veneers, which are thin ceramic wafers made to cover the surface of each individual tooth, are the most popular cosmetic operation. Every smile is made to order, tailored to your specific facial structure to provide a smile befitting a king or queen!

Porcelain Veneers are stain-resistant and are used to:

  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correct misalignment of teeth
  • Restore worn down or chipped teeth
  • Correct permanent staining of teeth due to defects in the enamel that cannot be removed using whitening procedures

Porcelain veneers, renowned for their strength and durability, are among the most reliable and aesthetically beautiful cosmetic dental procedures for obtaining a perfect Hollywood smile.

What Steps Are Taken During the Hollywood Smile Makeover?

What Steps Are Taken During the Hollywood Smile Makeover?

The entire process to achieve the best “Hollywood Smile” Makeover usually takes 2-3 dental visits, which range over a period of a week.

Step 1 – Consultation & Smile Assessment

Our cosmetic dentists will evaluate your teeth during your consultation and smile assessment to determine whether porcelain veneers are the right option for you. They will also go over the complete scope of the "Hollywood Smile" Makeover treatment with you.
You will talk about the ideal length, width, shape, and color of your new teeth during this session. Patients should take this time to clearly state their expectations and intended results. At the second consultation, our dentist will continue taking pictures and impressions of the patient's mouth in order to create temporary veneers and a Digital Smile Design sample of your brand-new "Hollywood Smile" makeover. This is done to make sure that, before committing, our new patients are completely happy with their new smile.

Step 2 – Digital Smile Preview & Application

Based on the specifications from the initial consultation, we employ our own Dental Clinics in-house laboratory to develop a set of temporary veneers that are prepared for placement, should the patient choose to proceed with this design. The patient is also provided a glimpse of the Digital Smile Design. In order to make room for the temporary veneers, our cosmetic dentists will start working on the patients' teeth by removing a very thin layer of enamel—roughly half a millimeter. Using a local anesthetic depends on the patient. Following the completion of the removal procedure, a fresh model of your teeth will be obtained and sent to our in-house lab for the design and creation of the permanent porcelain veneers.

What Steps Are Taken During the Hollywood Smile Makeover?

Step 3 – Permanent Placement

On the third and final visit, your beautiful custom Porcelain Veneers are installed.

Our Cosmetic Dentist will place the veneers on your teeth for evaluation, and they may need to be trimmed or altered to ensure the perfect fit. Once your veneers fit perfectly, your teeth will be cleaned and polished and will have etching done in order to adhere to the cement that will permanently bond your veneers in place.
A high-quality dental cement is applied to each veneer and then placed onto your teeth. Once in position, our Cosmetic Dentist will use a special light on each veneer to harden the dental cement. Once all your veneers have been installed, the excess dental cement will be removed, your bite assessed and you now have your very own Hollywood Smile!

Step 4 – Follow Up

You will need to schedule a follow-up appointment a few weeks following your surgery to make sure everything went as planned. To assess how the porcelain veneers are positioned and interacting with one another, we will examine the patient's mouth, gums, and veneers. Your Hollywood Smile Makeover is officially over, if everything goes according to plan!

How Much Does “Hollywood Smile” Makeover Cost In Turkey?

How Much Does “Hollywood Smile” Makeover Cost In Turkey?

The rationale for the operation and its complexity have an impact on the cost. Factors that affect cost include: The cost of the dentist, prescription drugs, after-procedure clothing, diagnostic testing, surgical facility charges, and anesthetic fees are some examples of the factors that can affect your overall cost. The cost of a "Hollywood Smile" makeover varies from patient to patient and dentist to dentist based on a variety of variables. This covers the dentists' experience, the procedure kind, and the office's geographic location. The degree of experience the dentist has and how comfortable you feel with him are equally important factors as the overall cost of the "Hollywood Smile" Makeover.

The cost of the medical trip includes:

 1- Transport service: A car and a driver will be with you throughout the medical trip, all transfers between the airport, hotel, hospital.

 2- The translation service: includes a translator who will accompany you to translate into the French language (English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish).

 3- It includes all the analyses, examinations and blood tests before the operation to ensure your state of health and your preparation for the operation.

 4- Includes the cost of the process itself.

 5- It includes all the necessary medications and treatments for the recovery period after the operation.

 6- It includes all visits and checks with the doctor after the operation to monitor the state of your health.

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