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Hollywood Smile, Having a shiny, perfect set of white teeth is not about vanity at all. Shown by different studies, healthy-looking teeth make a person look attractive. In any social setting, no one would say that having good looking teeth decreases their chances. Quite the contrary.
Why? Because a nice set of well-kept teeth show that its owner takes the time and effort to have them looking great. Teeth are a general health marker; having bad teeth makes people not want to be around you.
From a young age, we get to know sugary food while being very relaxed with our brushing habits. Once older, we develop some grown-up habits, such as drinking and smoking. And those habits lead to some teeth-related problems.
Sugar feeds mouth bacteria, enabling it to spill acids that dissolve tooth enamel — acidic compounds inside alcohol stains the teeth of regular users with bad oral hygiene. And smoking makes gums, which are where your teeth rest, become diseased, which can lead to tooth loss.
It is not until we are older that we start to see the importance of having a nice-looking set of teeth. By that time, we’ve already seen results from bad habits and dislike them quite a bit. We start the battle for the health of our teeth at a disadvantage, but modern procedures are here to help us on it.