Gastric Baloon

Gastric Balloon Procedure Obesity can turn into a serious problem if it remains untreated. In fact, millions of people are suffering from this disease and it is only right to contact a doctor to check for the possible solutions, especially when exercising and diets fail to so the trick. Therefore, other weight loss methods come into play. Having a consultation should be helpful. It will determine which surgical method is best for you.

Whose decision is it?

Before any medical intervention, your case should be assessed through a full diagnosis given by the doctor. That means that the decision is taken by your doctor, because it’s a case by case choice. To make things easier, most medical centers offer free consultations at first. That way, the patient will get a first diagnosis and have the opportunity to ask for further details. In other words, the most perfect weight loss surgery depends on your current state of health and your body type. In fact, patients which type of surgery they will want to have when they finish their first appointment/consultation.
This highly regarded hospital offers free consultations for patients from all over the world and has reached a high level of maturity in the field thanks to many years of experience. Whether it’s a Gastric sleeve, Gastric bypass or a Gastric balloon procedure, the results are guaranteed. However, the patient should bear in mind that he has to comply with the doctor’s instructions after the surgery in order to get the best out of the procedure he has to undergo.

Gastric balloon procedure?

A very popular choice for weight loss. In this procedure, a balloon is put inside the stomach in order to decrease the quantity of consumables the patient used to take. The balloon will give the patient a sense of a half-full stomach. It is important to note that the balloon does not stay permanently.
The way the surgery is done:

  • A silicone balloon is put inside the stomach with an endoscope
  • When the balloon is safely placed in the stomach, it is filled with saline (saltwater).
  • This procedure is incisionless. This explains why it is a very popular solution for obesity

Projected results:

Each of the bariatric operations has a different amount of total body weight that a patient can expect to lose within 12-18 months after surgery.

  • Up to 30 percent with a gastric sleeve procedure
  • To 35 percent with a gastric bypass procedure
  • to 20 percent with a gastric balloon procedure

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