DHI PRO Hair Transplantation

DHI PRO Hair Transplant

The DHI PRO Hair Transplant is the new improved version of the DHI-CHOI technique

Supported by low-level laser and PRP therapy, we set the stage for the classical DHI process, this combination is paramount to smooth the way for enhanced results.

It all starts with the doctor examining the donor area, in order to determine the possible number of grafts to be taken and making sure if it is sufficient for the bald area to be completely covered.

Once all is set and pre-procedural tests are checked, the patient goes through the PRP scalp injections, followed by the LLLT Photo-therapy, which sets the grounds for the next step.

Before the graft extraction procedure, local anesthesia is applied preventing any kind of pain during the operation.

Using the micro-motor for grafts extraction, the grafts are safely stored in Hypothermosol solution keeping the grafts cells as healthy and as alive as they should be; the classical DHI then takes place, using the CHOI pens to meticulously implant the grafts one by one into the designated area.